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bn_booksellers's Journal

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Barnes & Noble bookseller breakroom
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This is a community for employees of Barnes & Noble. This is not affiliated with Barnes & Noble Inc. in any way and should not be considered an official source of information.

We will be focusing on B&N but anyone who works in bookselling is free to join.

Community rules:

1) No trolling

There are few things about the internet that are more annoying than people who post things just to get a rise out of others.

2) No posting of confidential or proprietary information

There are things you know don't belong on the internet. I don't want anyone to get fired, I don't want to get fired, and I don't want this community suspended.

3) If you want to advertise another community or anything else, please ask for permission first.

Just leave a comment on the most recent entry in my personal journal thisdaydreamer. If it's related to B&N or bookselling in general, I will probably OK it.

4) Posts that contain a link may be moderated as an anti-spam measure. If it isn't spam or trolling I'll let it through.

So rant, laugh, share, complain, compliment, vent, whatever. This is your place.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints about bn_booksellers? Please leave a comment in thisdaydreamer or email me at thisdaydreamer at gmail dot com.

One more thing: to get the bookseller discount on bn.com, go here.

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