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My Last Entry Is Worth Repeating

The BN FB page has almost 7,000 followers...and its posts often discuss workplace issues that impact "quality" employees. The tough stuff is addressed, but the overwhelming attitude involves keeping our company alive. Even in difficult times, everyone maintains a positive attitude. Perhaps there's a reason that BNFB is so successful, while BNLJ caters to nothing but spiderwebs.

Quick show of (anonymous) hands: who is left here?

Ya'all haven't posted anything new since October 14.' and its been over a YEAR since anyone posted a solid community topic - aside from myself, of course.

Seriously, folks - just like North Koreans who swim to China to escape the regime - why are you still here? Come to the light! Come join us on the BNFB page. Post whatever you like. Even ole' Smithback has had two public topics deleted (by the MODs) because the forum found my commentary offensive. But everyone is welcome, you anti-corporate shits especially. You just have to be prepared to defend yourselves...and to have the balls to put up with the heat, and to defend yourselves when the overwhelming outcry challenges you.

BNFB is reality.
BNLJ is not.


Dec. 1st, 2018 07:06 am (UTC)
why you need to quit B&N (they got 4 years, tops)
I left the company 3 years ago and really feel for the employees on here, I worked in the company as a Assistant Store Manager for about a year and was also the victim of these completely unfair write-ups aka "Improvement Plans" and just wanted to start off by telling everyone one on here that you should NEVER take any criticism that B&N had about you seriously.
Here's my story;
I was the newest manager on staff, something smelled fishy about B&N the second I was hired. The first was I realized that we did a very bad job at hiring people during the holiday season, the other ASM was hiring people to work the holidays less than a 2 weeks before Black Friday, I remember after the holidays were over we didn't hit our sales goal and when we had our weekly manager meetings I vocalized that I think we should really try to focus on hiring people earlier next year since less than a 2 weeks before Black Friday wasn't enough time to properly train people to work cash registers and the sales floor and customers were getting extremely upset.
My GM's shift reply was "Well whose responsibility is it to train them" to which I replied "Kinda hard to teach soldiers to fight a war when they didn't even go to boot-camp". A week after that conversation is when the write-ups started coming...
At first I really thought was that it was poor performance since I always have taken write-ups very seriously, but after really reflecting on it and reaching out to other people who left the company (or were terminated), I started to realize a pattern on how B&N handles employees they don't see eye to eye with. Now trying to find anything to write someone up on is something I'm very used to, it's the oldest trick in the book (I've never took that personally).
BUT what B&N's upper management likes to do with people they don't really like is completely falsify facts and statements on write-ups and pass them off as truth to corporate. Basically a GM could say you've murdered someone on the sales floor and corporate would take is as fact without even a shred of evidence to back it up. Don't believe me? Any of you guys remember what happened to the Transgender Manager in California? She had the exact same thing happen, only exception is she was smart and built a very solid case against B&N, and they lost.
How about Demos Parneros? B&N claimed that he was let go due to sexual harassment, now whether that is true or not I honestly can't say. But let me ask you guys a question; if B&N really is making up lies to validate terminating long-term employees, would you really be THAT surprised if B&N completely falsified what occurred with Parneros? Again, I am not defending him or claiming he's guilty but I have a very deep gut feeling that B&N is on the cusp of a huge scandal something the likes of the retail industry has never seen before. Get out now while you can.
" fyi here’s Parneros’ lawyer; Vladeck, Raskin & Clark, just in case anyone was wondering ;)


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