March 4th, 2018

(no subject)

First, condolences to all of you who have lost your jobs at BN after that bullshit last month.

I am still working as a cashier at a store in the Northeast.

I wanted to ask whether there is any "secret" protocol for managers when employees buy items?

There is one manager who has told me in the past I'm considered a "model employee" and expresses his gratitude that I'm good at selling memberships. But when no one else is around he is cold as shit.

Whenever I buy a book after my shift is over and he is working, he is ALWAYS hovering near the register I'm at before returning to the other side of the counter to stand behind the cashier while the transaction is going through.

I KNOW he knows I'm not stupid/lacking in character/dishonest to steal or try something underhanded. So what gives?

(For the record, I'm not completely white.)