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First, condolences to all of you who have lost your jobs at BN after that bullshit last month.

I am still working as a cashier at a store in the Northeast.

I wanted to ask whether there is any "secret" protocol for managers when employees buy items?

There is one manager who has told me in the past I'm considered a "model employee" and expresses his gratitude that I'm good at selling memberships. But when no one else is around he is cold as shit.

Whenever I buy a book after my shift is over and he is working, he is ALWAYS hovering near the register I'm at before returning to the other side of the counter to stand behind the cashier while the transaction is going through.

I KNOW he knows I'm not stupid/lacking in character/dishonest to steal or try something underhanded. So what gives?

(For the record, I'm not completely white.)

What to do about a bad manager?

I'm not sure if anyone uses this site anymore, but I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to really do next.

Synopsis: Was working for a good store for about a year and a half, when a new SM arrives. She's terrible. Changes the schedule on a whim, reprimands us for doing things she does, and is in general just a bad boss.

I've looked around this forum to get reviews on WeListen only to find, hey, it doesn't work!

So I guess my best bet is to talk to her face to face. I'm a little scared to though because I'm moving soon and need to transfer, so that's in her hands.

Can anyone out there give me a hand? Some advice? Anything?

I hate that my work place has become somewhere I never want to be when I used to love going to work.

I Should Write My Posts in Quatrains!

So, how many of my core predictions have come true? Better Cafe menu/service, check. Espresso POD machines within the stores, check. Beer/wine sales in our Cafe? Check, as of two months ago. Seriously, people...I feel like friggin' Nostradamus. I can't wait to see what our Media Centers look like...and the patterns of our new comfy chairs/couches...

I LOVE BN. And I'm pleased they've taken my advice :)


I am a former bookseller who was there for twelve years. I loved the job, but left because I was being forced out. I got a not at standards evaluation, followed by two IPs. The accusations came out of nowhere. I had to leave or else I would have been terminated due to poor job performance. SM manufactured things, ASM and MM went along. SM had favorites who could do anything.

I would like to hear from others with similar stories and also from curremt booksellers who are facing the same treatment.

I Have an Interview!

Hello all! I was just invited to an interview at my local BN this wednesday. Im a litle nervous and was wondering if anyone could offer up some advice? The position I'm being considered for is a cafe server, but I would really enjoy eventually becoming a bookseller! I would appreciate any help you have to offer! Thank you! :)

New scheduling tool

Just wondering if anyone's store has started using the new scheduling tool? Has it been better or worse than manager's doing the scheduling? Is it good for flexible schedules or limited availability? We have a couple employees(myself included) who only work 1 or 2 days a week, does it allow us to keep our original availability?

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

After watching Cersei's GOT walk of shame on Sunday, I got to thinking: Wouldn't it be nice if LJ had its own rebirth of sorts, and returned to exploring productive ideas on how Barnes & Noble might rebound in the current business climate? Way back when I started posting here, I made the following predictions on how BN might stay viable:

1. Comfy chairs & couches, making the bookstore a destination to relax, read, and have coffee.
2. Expanded Cafe service, including a better menu, and wine bars at certain locations.
3. Smaller on-site book selections, focused on fast-moving titles.
4. In-house POD machines, allowing immediate printing - rather than ordering.

Now, who wants to guess why I'm bringing this up again?

Using Barnes and Noble Bookseller Employee Discount

Hey everyone! I hope someone can help me out with this. I know that my store manager printed out my first employee discount barcode, but that one expired and I figured it's time to print a new one so I can get my usual coffee after a shift. I can't seem to figure where I'm supposed to go to print of my barcode though. Can anyone help me out with this? A shift manager told me I had to do it on my home computer and go to bninside, but I just didn't understand. Thanks!

My Last Entry Is Worth Repeating

The BN FB page has almost 7,000 followers...and its posts often discuss workplace issues that impact "quality" employees. The tough stuff is addressed, but the overwhelming attitude involves keeping our company alive. Even in difficult times, everyone maintains a positive attitude. Perhaps there's a reason that BNFB is so successful, while BNLJ caters to nothing but spiderwebs.

Quick show of (anonymous) hands: who is left here?

Ya'all haven't posted anything new since October 14.' and its been over a YEAR since anyone posted a solid community topic - aside from myself, of course.

Seriously, folks - just like North Koreans who swim to China to escape the regime - why are you still here? Come to the light! Come join us on the BNFB page. Post whatever you like. Even ole' Smithback has had two public topics deleted (by the MODs) because the forum found my commentary offensive. But everyone is welcome, you anti-corporate shits especially. You just have to be prepared to defend yourselves...and to have the balls to put up with the heat, and to defend yourselves when the overwhelming outcry challenges you.

BNFB is reality.
BNLJ is not.